I graduated from Texas A&M Qatar in May 2015. I worked as an official tutor at the University since my freshman year, and as a Teaching Assistant in my senior year and after graduation. 

Teaching has been my passion ever since I was a high-school student. I was gifted with an ability to understand concepts quickly (الحمد لله), and I always studied with groups as I loved to explain those concepts.

I have turned this passion into a successful career of mentoring hundreds of students who are struggling in a course and enabling them to get A's. At Texas A&M, nearly half of my recent students have gotten A's in Physics 1 and Physics 2 (الحمد لله).

I started this website with the goal of helping all students who take physics at universities in Qatar, not just those who take tutoring with me. My study material is aimed at exam preparation and grade improvement. I have also written articles on how to do well in university based on my own successful experience as a university student in Qatar. 

I hope that you find this website useful. I am constantly working on improving it, so if you have any feedback or requests to add something, please don't hesitate to contact me 
- Mohammed Ayub